Interview Jürgen Jensen

This conversation with Professor em. Jürgen Jensen took place on November 2, 2007 at his home in Hamburg.

Prof. Jensen tells us about his study years in post-war Berlin and about how it came about that he, the first tertiary student in his family, entered the field called Völkerkunde. He also talks about his research and about his teaching years at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology in Hamburg. As we learn, his PhD topic leads him to his area of specialization: Africa. However, it is only after completing his PhD that he finally goes into the field himself. Finally, Prof. Jensen comments on the developments and changes within the discipline during the last decades.

Note: Due to a technical defect of the video camera, the visual quality of this video interview is impaired. We decided to nevertheless publish it because of its very interesting contents. Our apologies go to Prof. Jensen.

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