Interview Georg Pfeffer

This conversation with Professor em. Georg Pfeffer took place on September 19, 2007 at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology in Berlin.

Born in Berlin in 1943, Professor Pfeffer tells us about his first years on a farm in a small Hessian community. His first encounters with refugees leave a deep impression and first arouse his interest in the foreign. As the son of a German professor of Sociology and a British mother, he is used to foreigners who come to visit his family home in Hamburg; during his youth he spends some years in Pakistan. As a young family father, he moves to Freiburg where he takes up the study of Völkerkunde and Sociology. Describing himself as a self-made-man, Professor Pfeffer’s academic career leads him to Heidelberg and Pakistan, then to Bonn and finally to Berlin.

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