Short Portrait: Willi Michel

Willi Michel
Willi Michel

Born 1910 Died 1990

Hobby-americanist who founded the Düsseldorfer Institut für amerikanische Völkerkunde (DIAV e.V.) in 1930 with the aim to collect literature on Native North America and to disseminate knowledge. In 1954 he handed the institute over to the Interessengemeinschaft für amerikanische Völkerkunde. Michel headed the IG until 1965.

In 1960 the Interessengemeinschaft organized its first exhibition with the title Hobby - American Anthropology, basically dedicated to the painter Karl Ferdinand Wimar.

In 1964 he founded the journal Informationsblatt which changed its name in 1968 into Ethnologia Americana.

Prof. Hermann Trimborn supported the Institut.

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