Short Portrait: Wilhelm Alexander Unkrig

Wilhelm Alexander Unkrig
Wilhelm Alexander Unkrig

Unkrig was born in 1883 in Köslin (today: Koszalin/Poland) as son of a crofter. He studied theology in Zhytomyr (today in Ukraine) and Kazan (today in Tatarstan) with the aim to become an orthodox missionary in Mongolia. In 1912 he finished his exams and became a Russian Orthodox priest. His main interests were Mongolian Language, Mongolian Buddhism and Lamaism.

After WW I he joined Pater Wilhelm Schmidts Anthropos-Institute in Mödling. From 1924 to 1926 he worked there as a librarian and an assistant to the anthropology journal Anthropos.

In 1926 he went to Berlin, where he worked as a freelance author. Berlin anthropologist Hans Findeisen supported him with jobs.

In 1936 he accepted an invitation of Erwin Roussell to work as librarian at the Institute for Sinology at Frankfurt/Main. There he also worked for the journals Sinica and Sinica Sonderausgaben. From 1943 onwards he worked as a lecturer for Mongolian, Tibetian and Lamaism at the University of Frankfurt/Main. Sven Hedin invited him to visit Stockholm and work with him on the catalogue Mongolica.

His involvement in the context of NS-policy on Central Asia and Tibet (Amt Rosenberg) is discussed in

Unkrig died in 1956 in Traisa (close to Darmstadt).

Unkrig is mentioned in the interview with Peter Snoy (


Publications by Unkrig

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Die Tollwut in der Heilkunde des Lamaismus nach tibetisch-mongolischen Texten im »Statens Etnografiska Museum« zu Stockholm [= Contributions to Ethnography, Linguistics and History of Religion], Stockholm 1954


Publications about Unkrig

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