Short Portrait: Theodor Wilhelm Danzel

Theodor Wilhelm Danzel
Theodor Wilhelm Danzel

* 17.2.1886 in Hamburg. Danzel studied Ethnology and Anthropology in Göttingen (with Eduard Seler), Leipzig an Paris.

1912 PhD in Leipzig Ethnology.

From 1922 onwards, Danzel worked in the Hamburgische Museum für Völkerkunde, (since 1924 as permanently employed scientific aide)

From 1931 to 1933, Danzel travelled to China (Nanjing, Hangzhou, Beijing; in Nanjing he organized an ethnographic Museum), Japan and the Philippines.

In Nov 1933 Danzel had to retire due to his jewish descent. In Jan 1934 his retirement was anulled due to Georg Thilenius' intervention, so that he could work again in the Museum - but he lost his title as professor and the right to teach.

Franz Boas helped him to teach at Columbia University/New York

In 1945 Danzel regained his title as professor as well as his right to teach in Hamburg. Ulla Johansen was amongst his students.

Danzel died on 17. Nov 1954 in Hamburg.

(text by Dieter Haller, based on BAA)

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