Short Portrait: Karl Weule

Karl Weule
Karl Weule

Karl Weule was born in Alt-Wallmoden near Goslar, Saxony, in 1864. Between 1885 and 1891 he studied both at the universities in Leipzig and Göttingen. History, Geography and German Philology were his major subjects. He graduated with a Ph D thesis in Geography at the Leipzig University.

After completing his habilitation thesis (about the African arrow) in Geography and Anthropology in 1899, Weule began lecturing at the Leipzig University. Two years later he became Associate Professor for Ethnography and Prehistory at the Philosophical Faculty of the Leipzig University. Moreover, Weule did a field research in Africa in 1906/07 and was announced head chairman of the Grassi Museum for Ethnology in Leipzig after his return.

Throughout the following years Weule published a number of anthropological standard and ethnographic works as well as books of popular science. In 1914 he became head both of the Ethnographic Seminar and the Anthropological Research Center of the Leipzig University.

Furthermore, Weule took up a full professorship in 1920. He also was Dean of the Philology and History Department of Philosophy Faculty between 1923 and 1924.

Weule died in Leipzig in 1926.

(Text written by Vincenz Kokot in July 2012, based on information provided by the Professor catalogue of the Leipzig University; photo source:

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