Short Portrait: Herbert Ganslmayr

Herbert Ganslmayr
Herbert Ganslmayr

Herbert Ganslmayr was born in 1932. After finishing school he studied Paedagogy, Anthropology, History and Egyptology in Munich and Basel.

After completing his Ph D thesis in 1965, Ganslmayr took up an assistant position at the Institute for Ethnology and African Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich. Besides lecturing, Ganslmayr also went to Southern Nigeria in order to conduct field work there.

After working as a curator at the Overseas Museum in Bremen for some years, Ganslmayr became its head chairman in 1975. Moreover, he was head chairman of the International Committee for Ethnography Museums since 1986.

Herbert Ganslmayr died in 27. April 1991 in Athens.

Publications: Das Krokodil im Kult und Mythus afrikanischer Stämme (1969); Maquet, Jacques / Ganslmayr, Herbert: Afrika. Die schwarzen Zivilisationen (1970)
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