Short Portrait: Hans-Eberhard Kauffmann

Hans-Eberhard Kauffmann
Hans-Eberhard Kauffmann

Kauffmann was born 1899 in Mannheim.

After WW I, his parents moved to Switzerland. Until 1953 he lived in Zurich. In the 1930s, Kauffmann organized a swiss fascist students group. He studied anthropology with Heine-Geldern in Vienna, but received his PhD with Prof. Wehrlin in Zurích.

1936 he carried out field research in Assam.

In 1953 he moved to Freiburg i. Brsg,, and 1963 to Munich. In 1955/56, Kauffmann was joined by Lorenz Löffler during his research on the Naga (Chittagong Hills).

Kauffmann, who never was employed in a permanent position, was a Privatgelehrte, died in 1986.

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