Short Portrait: Gerdt Kutscher

Gerdt Kutscher
Gerdt Kutscher

* 27.6.1913 in Berlin + 17.9.1979 in Berlin

He participated at the first meeting of German anthropologists after WW II (Frankfurt/Main, 19.-21.09.1946).

 In 1946/47 he worked for Richard and Hilde Thurnwald, who carried out research for the American administration about the situation in Berlin; Kutscher also worked as a consultant for the US Information Center.

In 1948, Kutscher was the first lecturer on Prehistory at the newly founded Free University in Westberlin. Later he changed to Ethnologie and (even later) to Altamerikanistisk (Ancient American Studies). In 1962 he became honorary professor at the Free University.

As early as in the 1950s, Kutscher taught Aby Warburgs approaches.

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(photo source: Indiana 9, 1984, pg. 9)

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