Short Portrait: Fritz Paudler

Fritz Paudler
Fritz Paudler

Fritz Paudler (* 1882 Königswald bei Bodenbach/Bohemia + 1945) studied Anthropology in Vienna with Rudolf Pöch. In WWI, he conducted physical anthropological measurements in POW-camps in Germany, the Habsburg Empire and Romania.

In 1923 he habiltated and worked as Private Lecturer for Rassen-, Völker- und
at the German University, Prague, in 1925 he became professor for Anthropology and Ethnology. He was married to a jewish partner and dismissed as professor in 1944 by the Nazis. In 1945 he was sent to the concentration camp Theresienstadt.

In his habilitation he tried to prove that ‚germanic blondness‘ is a result of Cro-Magnon heritage and therefore also widespread in Africa and other tropical areas. His student Franz Baermann Steiner hold him in high esteem for this opositional position to nazi ideology. Paudler also rejected the idea that Southern Scandinavia was the home of the Germanic Race.

Paudler influenced the work of anthropologists Dominik Wölfel and Franz Baerman Steiner.

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(text written by Dieter Haller, party based on BAA, 2012; photo source: