Short Portrait: Fritz Krause

Fritz Krause
Fritz Krause

Fritz Krause was born in Moritzburg in 1881.

After finishing school he took up his studies of anthropology at the university in Leipzig. Moreover, he held an assistant position at the Ethnological Museum (now: Grassi-Museum for Ethnology) in Leipzig since 1905.

Krause graduated with a Ph D thesis on the Pueblo people in 1907. He participated in an expedition to Central Brazil the following year. Furthermore, Krause became head of the Department for America at the Ethnological Museum in Leipzig in 1912.

In 1920 Krause completed his habilitation thesis. The same year he began lecturing at the university in Leipzig. Five years later he took up a professorship for Anthropology at the university. Moreover, Krause became head chairman of the Ethnological Museum in 1927.

In 1929 Krause was co-founder of the German Association of Anthropologists (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde, DGV).

Krause, being member of the Nazi Party (NSDAP), held his professorship until 1945. He died in Leipzig in 1963.
(Text written by Vincenz Kokot in March 2012; based on information of the Leipzig University and; photo source:

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