Short Portrait: Florian Deltgen

Florian Deltgen
Florian Deltgen

Born 1940 as son of the Luxembourg actor René Deltgen and his wife Elisabeth Scherer.

Deltgen studied comparative linguistics and anthropology and obtained a Ph.D. from Cologne University in 1969. He pursued postgraduate studies in pharmacology and transcultural medicine further obtaining the post-doctoral degree of habilitation from the same university. After several years of lecturing and research, he began a business career and has held leading positions in several international corporations for the past 22 years, including leading translation and localization firms. E.g. he worked for the arms dealer Heckler & Koch in th U.S..

In 1989 he habilitated in Cologne. In 1990 he returned to Cologne to teach as Private Lecturer; students problematized his involvement with Heckler & Koch [Ethnologie und Waffenhandel. Hintergründe und Verlauf einer Auseinandersetzung am Institut für Völkerkunde der Universität Köln im Sommersemester 1990 aus Anlaß der Tätigkeit des Kölner Ethnologen F. Delgen bei Heckler & Koch. In: Cargo, 16, S.41-46)

Dr. Deltgen combines a comprehensive linguistic expertise with in-depth knowledge and long-term experience in many different of business management, markets, and technologies." (

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(text Dieter Haller, mainly based on BAA; photo source