Short Portrait: Ewald Volhard

Ewald Volhard
Ewald Volhard

Volhard was born on May 20th,1900, as son of a famous internist and nephropolgist.

Volhard studied German Literature in Halle, where he received his PhD in 1927 on The Individual and Society in  Fr.M. Klingers Novels (Orig.: Der Einzelne und die Gesellschaft in Fr. M. Klingers Romanen).

In 1933 he became assistant at the Institute for Cultural Morphology (today: Frobenius-Institut) at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt a.M. He participated in various field trips of the D.I.A.F.E., e.g. to Transjordania and Libya (1934-35), Southern France and Eastern Iberia (1934). Volhard was considered to be one of Frobenius' 'crown princes'.

Volhard worked on cannibalism as a universal phenomenon, also organized the German Association for Culturel Morphology and edited the first Volumes of Paideuma.

 Volhard served in WW II as a soldier and died shortly before the end of the war, in the battle fo Cleves (Feb 1945). Far into the 1970s, Volhards family was cordially related to the Frobenius-Institute.


(text based on Obituary written by A.E.Jensen and published in Paideuma 3. Vol 3-5, Oct 1948, pp. 191-193 (also photo source))

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