Short Portrait: Eike Hinz

Eike Hinz
Eike Hinz

Eike Hinz was born in 1945. He attended primary school and grammar school in Goslar, Lower Saxony.

In 1964 Hinz took up his studies at the University in Hamburg, where Ancient American Languages and Cultures, Anthropology and Linguistics were his major subjects. Moreover, Hinz attended courses on Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy.

In 1969 Hinz completed his Ph D thesis and took up an assistant position at the University Hamburg, being an instructor of American Indian Languages and Cultures. Moreover, he was Visiting Scholar at the School of Social Sciences at the University of California in Irvine in 1973/74.

In 1975 Hinz finished his habilitation thesis and continued lecturing at the University in Hamburg. In 1977 he was appointed Professor of Anthropology of American Indians and became head chairman of the program of American Languages and Cultures.

Hinz was Vice-Dean of the Division of Culture History and Cultural Anthropology at the University in Hamburg from 1978 until 1980. Between 1983 and 1985 he was Dean of the Division of Culture History and Cultural Anthropology of the very university.

Moreover, Hinz did several research trips to Guatemala and Mexico during the 1980s. Due to a labor accident in 1986, Hinz retired in 1991. He eventually spent many years in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions and held a honorary fellowship in Perth, Australia.

Hinz' fields of interest and research include Cultural Anthropology (mainly of Mexico and Guatemala) and Neurobiology as well as Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Science and Ethnophilosophy.

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