Short Portrait: Brigitta Benzing

Brigitta Benzing
Brigitta Benzing

PhD. in Ethnology and African and Semitic Languages from the University of Mainz. Assistant, later Associate professor at the same University. 1978-1981: Teaching at the Universities of Zürich, Marburg, Tübingen, later also in Berlin and Addis Ababa as visiting professor. 1981-2006: Full time professor at the Institute of Ethnology, Göttingen University. Since 2010: Professor at the Department of Social Anthropology, Addis Ababa University. Field of research: oral history, development cooperation, visual arts, museology, urban anthropology.


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 (text by courtesy of Prof. Palmisano Text by courtesy of Prof. Palmisano (; Photo source: Ekkehard Schröder, April 2017

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