Short Portrait: Antje Linkenbach

Antje Linkenbach
Antje Linkenbach

M.A. Anthropology, University of Heidelberg
Ph.D. Sociology, University of Frankfurt ( Main )
Habilitation. Anthropology, University of Heidelberg

She taught anthropology and sociology at the universities of Heidelberg , Tübingen and Zürich and was Fellow of the Centre for Modern Oriental Studies in Berlin . She also worked in the fields of intercultural and teacher training and as consultant. She did fieldwork in India (Central Himalayas).

Interests include development theory and practice, natural resource management, social movements, anthropology of modernity, issues of survival and self-determination of indigenous and marginalized people.



Forest Futures: Global Representations and Ground Realities in the Himalayas. Delhi : Permanent Black, and Gordonsville , VA : Berg, forthcoming 2007.

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Indien: Wege zum besseren Verstehen: Materialien für den Unterricht [India: Towards a better understanding; teaching materials for secondary schools].
Ed. in collab. with Clemens Jürgenmeyer et al., Gotha und Stuttgart: Klett-Perthes, 2002

Fremde Menschen und Kulturen verstehen lernen. Dokumentation eines politisch-pädagogischen Prozesses am Beispiel Indien .[Learning to understand the others: The example of India]
Ed. in collab.with Patrick V. Dias Frankfurt/Main: Iko Verlag, 1992, (Pädagogik Dritte Welt: Werkstattberichte; 16).

Opake Gestalten des Denkens: Jürgen Habermas und die Rationalität frem­der Lebens­formen. [Jürgen Habermas and the rationality of non-modern ways of life]
München: Fink Verlag, 1986


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